Our extended charters can be tailor made to suit your particular needs. The Reef and Islands in the Townsville vicinity allow us to target a  diverse range of species and fishing options. With trips from 2 - 10 days duration we can cover Game and Sport fishing, estuary fishing for  Barramundi and Mud Crabs as well as the very best in Reef fishing. Our vessel "Force 5" offers comfortable accommodation and steady  fishing platform while our 7.2 m tender allows us to get out and about or into the shallows with both ease and comfort. We run a selection  of various extended charter options that individuals and small groups can join or if you have your own group we can run a charter at any  date to suit you. All charters are fully catered all you need to bring are your drinks. Food, tackle, bait and ice are provided - you can of  course bring any fishing gear of your own if you wish.

Reef and Sportfishing Adventure Trips                                                         Ross Grennan Ph : 0450 753 726

Reef and Sportfishing Adventure Trips                                                         Ross Grennan Ph : 0450 753 726



                   SPORT FISHING

 We run dedicated Sport and Game fishing charters or this  can be incorporated into a trip including plenty of bottom  fishing for table fish.

 GREAT BARRIER REEF - Some of the best and most prolific  light tackle Black Marlin action can be had off Townsville  and the word famous Cape Bowling Green. Out at the reef  itself GTs, Spanish Mackerel, Dogtooth and Yellowfin  Tuna, the spectacularly colored Mahi Mahi​ are a regular  catch. The outer Barrier Reef also allows the chance to  encounter BIG Black Marlin.

 CORAL SEA (FLINDERS REEF) - ​This is the real untouched  fishing paradise! Huge GTs, Dogtooth tuna everywhere,  Monster Wahoo, Mahi Mahi as well as big Blue and Black  marlin. While lure fishing with jigs, poppers or plastics its  common to encounter huge Coral Trout, Jobfish and many  other reef fish - very exciting!!



                            REEF FISHING

       We offer reef fishing that is as good or better than any other in  the country. The diversity of the reef system and the species available  make for unequaled reef fishing excitement. I cant name all the    species here but some of the favorites are Red emperor, Coral trout,  Sweetlip, Nannygai and Cod. Some of the less known and exciting  ones here include, Jobfish, Goldband snapper, Pearl perch, Bar cod,  Long nosed emperor and Blue maorie cod. Those and about 20 other  species make up the majority of our catch. We pride ourselves on our  fishing experience and ability to put you onto the fish. All fish are  filleted, frozen and packaged ready for you to take home or transport  to your destination can be organised. 

                      ESTUARY FISHING

    The extensive esturine areas of Cleveland bay and Hinchinbrook  island offer the chance to chase Barramundi and Mud crabs. A very  popular option is to spend a couple of days chasing Barra and Mud  crabs and then out to the reef for all it has to offer.

 The option of visiting the islands or snorkeling the sheltered reef  lagoons of the Great Barrier Reef are a great way to break up the  longer extended trips and add great value to the overall experience.