24 Hour Trips
 This allows you to fish both night and day and  offers great value for money
 Usual departure time is late afternoon and  returning the same time the next day. Fishing  continues through the night and the crew will do  their best to keep you on the best fishing  throughout the trip. fishing shoals during the  night to catch fish like Nannygai, Red emperor,  Sweetlip, Jobfish, cod and many others - come  daylight moving into the shallower reef edges to  target Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel etc

Reef and Sportfishing Adventure Trips                                                         Ross Grennan Ph : 0450 753 726

Reef and Sportfishing Adventure Trips                                                        Ross Grennan Ph : 0450 753 726

Reef Fishing Trips

‚Äč12 - 14 Hour Trips
  Still accessing the reef and great fishing, these  trips can be either day or night fishing.
 Departure times are tailored to suit but as an    example departure at 5am and return at 5-7pm.
 Passenger numbers are kept at no more than 14  to ensure everyone has adequate fishing room.  You can book on as an individual to join a mixed  group or if you are part of a group you can book  the whole boat and and receive a discount.